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Case Management

Kunkel Care Solutions Case Management is committed to overseeing healthcare plan dollars efficiently while ensuring quality patient care through personalized service. Our experienced Onsite Nurses/Case Managers focus on building rapport and education which leads to more knowledgeable healthcare consumers.

Each Certified Case Manager works with members and their families to have a better understanding of:

  • Specialized care needs
  • Finding access to the appropriate level of care
  • Care alternatives to costly inpatient care
  • Cost effective options, PPO channeling and alternatives
Specific Case Management services provided to your company and employees include:
  • Licensed-registered nurses who interact with patients and family, offering a complete support network.
  • Reporting capabilities including accurate projections on costs for future needs and statements of prognosis.
  • Exceptional return on investment.
Case Management Success Stories

Case Study #1
Mental status changes and aggressive behavior case requiring complex medication and case management.

Our Approach
Case Manager negotiated a reduced daily rate reflective of care needs and secured a discount for charges incurred during the acute phase of the confinement. The Case Manager facilitated a family care conference to ensure open communication, presented available options, discussed alternate funding process, answered questions and offered support to the family. Our experienced professional achieved a win-win outcome. Quality care was provided while plan savings as a result of decreased utilization and cost negotiations totaled approximately $33,000.

Case Study #2
Oncology case in an advanced stage.

Our Approach
Case Manager discussed readiness for hospice services and facilitated timely referral to PPO provider. The Case Manager ensured all care needs were safely and effectively managed in the home setting and offered ongoing support to care giver offsetting utilization of higher levels of care. Kunkel Care Solutions ensured all charges for services and equipment needs were met within the all-inclusive rate. Total savings to the plan equaled approximately $8,000.

Contact one of our Case Managers for further information about the program.

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