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Onsite Nurse Advocacy

The Onsite Nurse Advocacy program can enrich your employee benefits package through access to self-management and risk-reduction strategies that decrease the burden of chronic diseases. Our onsite nurses advocate for the development and enhancement of organizational infrastructure to encourage health and wellness by offering effective chronic care strategies and personalized health improvements. This program results in overall healthcare savings for your company, an enriched employee benefit program, and improved personal and professional productivity for your employees.

Our experienced Nurse Advocates provide:

  • One-on-one nurse assessments (including telephonic) to discuss health status and care needs, set goals, and provide best practice education.
  • Regular onsite visits to encourage members with chronic health conditions to remain compliant with treatment plans.
  • Confidential and compassionate relationship development with members to maintain clear and open communication.
  • Active health coaching to facilitate behavioral changes and establish informed self-management skills.
  • Documentation and reporting system for ease of follow-up, satisfaction surveys, data collection and outcomes measurement.
A Nurse Advocacy Success Story

Case Study
Severe case of hypertension due to inconsistent medication regime, significant life stressors, and poor sleep and exercise habits.

Our Approach
Our Onsite Nurse Advocate discussed modifiable habits that would improve health status, such as increased activity, adequate sleeping patterns, relaxation, proper nutrition, and medication compliance. Significant improvement in overall health, outlook and well-being was reported.

For specific questions about the Nurse Advocacy program, contact one of our Onsite Nurses.

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