Inland Marine and Equipment Floater Insurance

Near or far, your equipment is covered.

What is Inland Marine/Equipment Floater insurance?

Inland marine or equipment floater insurance covers specific types of mobile property and other specialized objects no matter where they are located. Items such as tools, cameras, laptop computers or other equipment used to conduct offsite operations are at a higher risk of loss, damage, and theft. Inland marine insurance offers a separate form of property coverage for these areas of increased risk.

Who needs Inland Marine/Equipment Floater insurance?

You may want inland marine insurance if your business regularly transports products or equipment. If you ship high-value equipment, this coverage is important because those types of items are usually not included in basic property coverage. Here are some types of businesses that could benefit from inland marine:

  • Photography businesses
  • Vendors
  • Supermarkets
  • Networking and communications vendors
  • High-tech companies
  • Construction equipment vendors
  • Medical equipment vendors
  • Online retailers of high-priced items

What does inland marine or equipment floater insurance cost?

The cost of inland marine coverage can vary. It depends on how much protection you want, the size of your business and possible state requirements.

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